Peter Gerendas

Peter Gerendas is a Hungarian singer, guitarist, essayservices discounts pianist, composer and lyricist.

1994: Liszt Prize (the highest music award in Hungary)
1999: Jeno Huszka Prize (Composer of the Year)
1999: eMeRTon Prize (Singer of the Year)
2001: Radnoti Prize (an award for anti-racism and outstanding achievement)
2004: Budapest Prize (for his unique compositions and topics for cause and effect essay remarkable achievements as a recording and performing artist)
2008: Knight’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary (a class of the highest order of merit in Hungary)

Theatre work:
A tenger szerelmesei (Lovers of the sea. Sopron Theatre, 1997)
Legyetek jok, ha tudtok (Be good, if you can. Eger Theatre, 2000)
Kovek a zsebben (Stones in my pocket. Thalia Theatre, 2004)
11 perc (11 minutes. Thalia Theatre, girls online chats 2009)
Aranyborju (The golden calf. Madach Theatre, 2014)
Agyigo (Gozon Gyula Theatre, 2014)

908 (1992)
Gerendas a deszkakon (Gerendas on stage, 1994)
Ket honap a nagy folyon (Two months on the big river, 1997)
Atolel a mult (Hugged by the past, 1999)
Kamaszkorom legszebb dala (The nicest song of my teenage years, 2000)
Uj dimenziok (New dimensions, 2001)
George Harrison Memorial Concert (double CD, 2003)
Memento (2004)
Apak konyve (The book of fathers, 2005)
Faludy poems (2006)
Otvenes ko (Fifty-year old stone, 2006)
Bartok orszagaban (In Bartok’s homeland, 2008)
Csaladregeny (Saga, 2010)
Nagyvarosi Legendak (Legends of a city, 2011)
Gitaromba kapaszkodva (Holding onto my guitar, 2013)
Boldogorszag (A happy country, 2015)

Peter’s career in music started at the age of 18, when he joined Los Pachungos, a band founded by South American musicians. Two years later he founded his own group, the Lama. In the meantime, he regularly performed as an accompanist and later on as a guest artist at the concerts of other talents, while attending and graduating from the Vocal Jazz Faculty of the Budapest School of Music.

In 1983, Peter contributed as a session musician to the LGT’s six-week concert tour in England, and then played as a member of a dance band in Norway between 1983 and 1987. He launched a solo career after returning to Hungary, and won the Hungarian Television’s 1988 Song Contest with his hit Hobol vagyok (Made of snow).

• His popularity as a composer also grew. Peter has been writing songs in partnership with Janos Brody for Zsuzsa Koncz’s CDs, his songs appear with Dusan’s lyrics on Zoran’s albums, and a composition written jointly with Peter Wolf is on Kati Wolf’s CD. He cooperates as a composer, lyricist or guest artist with many Hungarian artists and bands.
• Peter is also happy to perform with talents from other countries. He invited Joan Faulkner to his George Harrison Memorial Concert staged at the Budapest Congress Centre in 2003, and then organised many concerts with the Israeli singer Moran Magal in Hungary in 2012.

• While pursuing his career in music, Peter has also contributed to theatre performances. He composed several musical theatre songs, and is more than welcome at literary events, where he plays his music based on the works of famous poets.

• Peter formed his own band in 1988. His musical style primarily embraces Latin, Rock and Lyrical forms, but jazz is also close to his heart. He is backed at his concerts by a broadly varying number of musicians: he has already employed a string quartet, a large symphony orchestra, and a Latin band featuring wind and South American percussion instruments.
• Peter’s family band has attracted the attention of the public in Hungary and on the international music scene.  
• Having released 16 albums so far during his career, Peter regularly holds album release concerts on almost all large Hungarian stages. And, he also entertains the audience at many festivals and music events both in Hungary and abroad.
• He spent several months playing music in Spain, France, Denmark, Norway, the US, and also in the Adriatic and the Caribbean.
• He often performs on his own and plays his acoustic guitar during the whole show. In addition to his own songs, he also likes to play and sing famous international hits.
• His stage presence is always very much appreciated by the audience. Peter not only dazzles the public with his unique musical skills, but his informal and humorous style is also a powerful attraction.